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Psychic Source, the nation’s most respected psychic network, now offers free psychic readings!  Psychic Source gets our highest recommendation for honest, accurate readings. 

Getting your free reading is easy! Just create a free Psychic Source account, then enter your name, birthday and your question. A psychic advisor will respond with a detailed answer via email. There’s no risk and it’s completely free!

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You are probably one of the many who seek psychic readings on various aspects of their lives such as finances, love, career and so on and have probably searched the web trying to find a legitimate psychic to give you an honest reading. You have probably ended up getting many options after doing the web searches and often times have no clue on how to separate the chaff from the real thing. The widespread notion by skeptics that anyone with interest can learn the psychic ability is untrue because an authentic psychic’s gift is inborn. Fortunately many accredited psychics will substantiate this fact.

Despite this fact, many unscrupulous people loose on the web will without remorse squeeze unsuspecting persons off their money. There have been numerous accounts of people on how they were scammed of thousands of cash by these charlatans who claim to be authentic psychic readers. Despite the huge number of these scam incidents that are happening , only a few are reported and many go unnoticed by the public or concerned authorities. However, thanks to this site, many seekers of real psychic readings are able to get exaclty what they pay for without being conned, from genuine psychics.

There is a wide variety of psychics and many options on how to get access to them. Independent psychics,spirits guides, love advisors, palm readers, tarot card readers, mediums, Tv psychics and many others are available online, through Tv, advertised via signs, through phone directories and many other forms of advertising. However, the question of how to get a psychic reading that can be trusted still remains.

The menu on the right of this site offers reviews of top psychic networks which are worth checking out; a comparison chart of the psychic networks is also available for easy decision making.

In order to be of further help to you, outlined below are some of the tips that will help you spot a psychic scam a mile away.

- A psychic who insists that they will only give you a reading if you give them more cash on the pretext of for example, needing to buy specific items for effective an reading is a liar. Drop them like a bomb!

- If the psychic asks you for money to oust demons or offer you and your family protection from the doings of evil spirits, don’t ever believe them.

- If the psychic promises to remove a certain curse that hangs over you and your family for some cash, distance yourself from them, Curses aren’t real!

- If the psychic asks you many questions, sounding as if they are fishing for information, this is known as a “cold reading” an its never accurate. Real psychics will not require anything other than your birthday and name for them to give honest psychic reading.

However, authentic and honest psychics do exist and we are going to show you where to get them. The best and only way to get yourself a psychic you can trust is going through a psychic service or company that throughly screens its psychic readers and mediums. Reliable companies will allow their users to voice their comments and reviews after getting the service.

The best and most reliable psychics are found at Psychic Source. This reputable company only considers legitimate and proven psychics for hiring and the screening process is very strict and thorough. Only 5% of many psychic applicants are allowed to work there they are only top best as the 20 years of glowing reviews from clients who sought readings will testify.

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